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mortar added to brick joints

Choose Hull’s Premier Bricklayers For Reliable Brickwork

Need brickwork repairs completing? Look no further than Bricks & Mortar. With over a decade of experience, we've been serving domestic and commercial customer in and around Hull since 2006, providing high-standard brickwork restoration and repair services. From minor repairs to extensive restoration projects to domestic maintenance and repair services, our bricklayers ensure your property stands firm against the test of time. All our work is fully guaranteed and insured for your peace of mind. Contact us today for more information and a free quote.

Comprehensive Services

At Bricks & Mortar, we offer a comprehensive range of exterior maintenance services to meet all your needs. Our team is equipped to handle various aspects of brickwork restoration and repair, including:

brickwork restoration

Pointing And Repointing Work

We can ensure your brickwork's structural integrity and aesthetic appeal.

Storm Damage Repairs

You can rely on us for prompt and reliable repairs to address any damage caused by adverse weather conditions.

Spoiled Brick Replacement

We can help you replace damaged or deteriorated bricks to maintain the integrity of your property. Replacing spoiled bricks will weatherproof the property.

Garden Wall Restoration

We can restore your garden walls' beauty and functionality with expert care and attention to detail.

A brick wall is being constructed

Cracked Bricks Repair

We are proficient in addressing cracks in your brickwork to prevent further damage and maintain structural stability.

Wall Tie Replacement

Rely on us to fix your walls with new ties. We'll make sure your building stays strong and safe.

Wall Collapse Restoration

We can restore collapsed walls to their former glory with precision and expertise.

brickwall finished and cleaned

Brickwork Stitching

We have the expertise to reinforce weakened brickwork to enhance durability and longevity.

Damp Prevention

We can help protect your property from moisture damage with effective damp-proofing and control solutions.

Lintel Installation Above Windows And Doors

We can install sturdy lintels above windows and doors to support the structure and prevent sagging.

Experts In Brickwork Restoration

Due to exposure to the elements, the pointing in your brickwork will gradually wear away over time. During any repointing work, we will prepare the areas, carefully remove old pointing, fill the gaps with fresh mortar, remove excess, and tidy up the whole area. We can also assist with minor roofing repairs while completing external brickwork.

Read Our Reviews

"The lads arrived on time. They refused a cup of tea and cracked on with the job. The job was carried out quickly, and no mess was left. All in all, a good job is done. I'd recommend and use it again. Many thanks."

- Keith_l

brick wall

Give Our Bricklayers A Call On 07725 039369 And Book Your Brickwork Service Now!

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